who i am

Hello! My name is Andrea Stickel, and I am a Limited License Professional Counselor in Midland, Michigan. I obtained my Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Central Michigan University; and my Bachelor of Social Work from Indiana University.

my approach

​Providing individual and family therapy services in Midland, Michigan.

​I offer compassionate, confidential, effective counseling services to individuals, families and couples who are dealing with a variety of issues.  I work collaboratively with each person or family to help them cope, solve problems, manage relationships, and improve mental health. I believe that therapy is a collaborative process - therapist and client working together to better manage whatever difficulties the client is having. I tailor treatment to each client and their needs individually; and support you through the entire process.  I am able to work with a variety of issues; such as anxiety, depression, post-partum struggles, substance abuse, trauma, managing relationships, improving coping skills, changing problematic behavior, establishing healthy boundaries, and more.  I am trained in EMDR; which has been shown to be very effective, especially in dealing with trauma and other difficulties.

My primary areas of expertise are substance abuse, trauma, and domestic violence; including how these areas are often related. The experiences we have dealt with in the past shape our current behavior, world view, and ability to cope. I know that understanding these connections, processing the experiences, and integrating them in a healthy manner is vital to healing; and I can guide you through that process. I thoroughly enjoy being able to help people get through their difficulties, enhance their self-awareness and self-esteem, and be able to live a satisfying life.

Please call me at (989) 423-8945 today to set up an appointment.  I am looking forward to working with you!